Tenant FAQ’s

How do I make a payment?
  • All rent has to be paid by Bank transfer as this is the quickest and easiest way to make a payment without having to pay any additional costs.
  • Our Client Account is with HSBC Account No. 7366 3221 Sort Code: 40-20-32
  • By cheque (cheques are payable to Pegasus Property Management Ltd).
  • By Cash (by agreement only). There will be a handling fee of £2.80 per £100 as the bank charges us for any cash paid.
Do we all need to be referenced?
  • Yes. Anyone over the age of 18 and living in the property will need to be referenced.
 How long does the referencing take?
  • It depends on your personal circumstances and how quickly your employers get back to the reference company.
How quickly can I move in?
  • It varies, depending on whether the property is vacant or if any works need to be done at the end of the previous tenancy. We will endeavour to meet your required moving in date wherever possible.
 Do I have to do an inventory?
  • No. We will do a photographic inventory before you move in and we will give you a copy for your records.
Is the tenant responsible for the utilities?
  • Yes. It will be your responsibility to pay the council tax, water, electric and gas unless otherwise stated.
 Is there a phone line?
  • The majority of our properties have a phone line. However, it will be your responsibility to arrange the connection and disconnection when you leave. You will also be liable for any costs that are involved for doing this.
Can we have Sky TV?
  • Yes. Providing the landlord agrees and there are no restrictions on the building such as on a block of flats or it is a listed building. It must be installed by a professional company and in a place which is sympathetic to the building. Any damage caused by the installation must be repaired by the end of the tenancy.
Can I have pets?
  • Some of our landlords will allow pets at the property, permission must be obtained from us or the landlord in writing.
Is the property a long term let?
  • Usually. Although some of our properties are short term. The usual minimum term is six months.
 Is it a managed or unmanaged property?
  • The majority of our properties are managed by us. Although we do have properties which are unmanaged in which case you will be dealing directly with the landlord once all paper work has been signed.
Can I decorate?
  • Not without permission. You must have written confirmation from us or your landlord.
Are there any white goods?
  • Generally white goods are not included. However, there have been instances where white goods have been left in the property for the tenants use until they need to be replaced. It will then become your responsibility to dispose of these goods and replace with your own. Integrated appliances are the landlord’s responsibility to repair should they go wrong unless otherwise stated.
Can I put pictures up?
  • You must ask us or your landlord for permission. If you are allowed, it must be an appropriate picture hook.
Who is responsible for the building?
  • The landlord. The landlord will insure the building and is responsible for any on-going repairs. Although it’s your responsibility to notify us in writing of any defects.
Will the landlord put my rent up after 12 months?
  • On average a landlord may consider a rent increase every 2-3 years.
Can I move any furniture in before I sign the Tenancy Agreement?
  • You cannot have the keys or move any furniture in before the tenancy agreement is signed by all parties. Regrettably, this will include the early release of keys for delivery of any new appliances, sofas etc.
Can my partner move in?
  • Not without notifying us and going through our referencing process.